Actress Koyel Mullick full biography

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Actress Koyel Mullick full biography

 Hello dear friends here you will get Actress Koyel Mullick full biography, Photos etc. I think you will get advantage from this article. I have an article Subhashree Ganguly full biography last day. and you also get Bengali actress srabonti full biography, Bengali actor Dev Full Biography.
Telugu Film Actress Koyel Mullick Photo Gallery and Biography Mallick's screen debut was in Haranath Chakraborty’s Nater Guru opposite Jeet. Nater Guru was a successful film at the box office. The film, released in 2003, marked Mallick's entry into Tollywood. Nater Guru, which has Jeet in the male lead, sees Mallick playing the role of a 23-year-old girl called Monica.

Since the release of Nater Guru the pair has worked together often, appearing in seven films. In 2004, she starred in Devipaksha, Shudhu Tumi, Badshah and Bandhan. While the first two performed poorly at the box office, Badshah and Bandhan were more successful, with the latter going on to become a major money-earner. In 2005, Mallick appeared in Shubha Drishti, Manik, Juddha and Chorey Chorey Mastuto Bhai.

She also appeared in Juddha opposite actors Mithun Chakrabortyand Debasree Roy. The film recorded an initial collection of Rs. 1.2 crore in its first week. In 2006, she took on a more serious role in MLA Phatakeshto in which she played a reporter. She also starred in the Bengali remake of Love Story, the 2008 film Love. Bengali actress Koel Mallick is the daughter of Bengali actor Ranjit Mallick. Her real name is Rukmini, but she prefers to use her nick-name in films too.

She studied psychology in Gokhale College in Kolkata. She debuted with ‘Nater Guru’ (2003), directed by Haranath Chakraborty. She was noticed with her first film. In 2004, she was also considered to play opposite Aryaman in Rajkumar Santoshi's Hindi film, 'Family'. But the character was removed at a scripting level when the film was getting too lengthy. Expressive, beautiful and blessed with a natural star appeal, Koel is an Odissi dancer as well.

With in a short span of time she became one of the most happening stars in the Bengali film industry. She also acted in supporting roles in popular films like 'Yuddho', 'M. L. A. Fatakeshto', 'Minister Fatakeshto', 'Chander Bari' etc. In 2008 she had five releases, all romantic films, most of which became hits. In mid 2008, she commented on the casting couch in Bengali cinema and received strong criticism from other actresses, especially arch rival Swastika Mukherjee and Rachana Banerjee.
Actress Koyel Mullick full biography:
  • Nickname: imkoel 
  • Name: Koyel Mullick 
  • Alternate Names: Rukmini Mallick 
  •  Date of Birth: 28 April 1982 
  • Place of birth: Kolkata, West Bengal, India 
  • Mother Tongue: Bengali 
  • Trivia: She is a daughter of Ranjit Mullik. 
Bengali actress Koel Mallick filmbio:
  • Movies Hemlock Soceity(2011)
  • Paglu(2011)
  • Mon Je Kore Uru Uru(2010)
  • Dui Prithibi(2010)
  • Prem By Chance(2010)
  • Bolo Na Tumi Aamar(2010)
  • Hitlist(2009)
  • Neel Akasher Chadni(2009)
  • Bangal Ghoti Phataphati(2009)
  • Premi No.1(2009)
  • Saat Paake Bandha(2009)
  • Jackpot(2009)
  • Mon Mane Na(2008)
  • Chore chore mastuto bhai(2007)
  • Subho Drishti(2007)
  • M.L.A. Fatakesto(2006)
  • Badshah(2005)
  • Yuddho(2005)
  • Manik(2005)
  • Sudhu Tumi(2004)
  • Devi Paksha(2004)
  • Bandhan(2004)
  • Nater Guru(2003)
Charming Bengali actress Koel Mallick is yet another pretty Bollywood face. Only, she doesn't mouth all the politically correct and insincere words that one expects from newcomers. This is one outspoken young lady who calls a spade a spade. Koel Mallick always had a weakness for the spotlight. She remembers how she danced in front of guests to a crazy English song when she was all of six. In retrospect, she laughs about it but there it was, the same boldness that made her grow up into the young, bold woman she is today.

But again, she has always been concerned about how her Baba would be affected by her actions and has drawn a thick line between freedom and behaving irresponsibly. She had fun, but within limits, she says. Her family is so important to her that she always considers what her parents would think before acting on something. And Baba is himself an experienced Bengali character actor - Ranjit Mallick. She is like any other Mumbai girl - all about fashion, makeup, studies and friends. Friends are most important to her. She still has a bunch of college mates who are her confidantes from the days she studied psychology in Gokhale College which was not all that long ago.

The young lady, who has listened to and counselled several people with various problems, turns to her college friends when she wants someone to listen to hers. And she was a good student although her heart was in becoming an actress. Joining Bollywood was a huge change and she immediately realized that she needed someone she trusted so that she could handle the ways of the industry.

reminisces that several people who had great reputations 'outside', showed their true colors once she was part of the industry. She was stunned when she would be considered for projects and suddenly dropped because some other girl had been recommended. One colleague even 'stole' Koel's designer away from her. Seems the other actress wanted to wear this particular designer's clothes exclusively. And she readily agrees that the casting couch is the worst-kept secret of the industry. No denials like all those other pretty faces who struggle to make their debut.

The young lady sounds rather philosophical about the ways of the industry and seems prepared to see its bright and dark side now. Did she get any advice from her father? Surprisingly, her father was intent on shielding his daughter from the darker side of the industry and always spoke positively about it. Later, when she joined the industry, he confessed to her that he, too, had had several bad experiences. Hearing that, Koel wisely decided that it was not worth getting hurt in the industry and decided to treat it like any other job.

She forgets about the studios after work and concentrates on her real life as Rukmini (her real name) outside of work. Talking about work, Koel, after a strong career in Bengali films, will be making her debut in Bollywood in AB Corp's forthcoming venture 'Family' opposite Aryaman, son of Keshu Ramsay, the film's co-producer. The film also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar. The lady hopes that the film, directed by Rajkumar Santoshi will help her carve her own niche in Bollywood. Looks like she is well on her way to doing that.

Actress Koyel Mullick full biography


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